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“In Managing the Risk of Organizational Accidents” Dr. James Reason argues that three ingredients are vital for driving a company’s safety engine, all of them the purview of top managers: commitment, competence and cognizance—the three Cs. But managers come and go. This is a fact of life. So how does a company maintain a commitment to safety in the face of personnel turnover, volatile market forces and economic reality? James Reason suggests that this is where an organization’s safety culture comes in to play! Dr.

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COSCAP-NA 15th Steering Committee Meeting - China

Further to the record of the 14th Meeting of the COSCAP-NA Steering Committee Meeting (SCM), I am pleased to confirm that the 15th Meeting will take place on 13 – 15 May 2015 in Xiamen, China kindly hosted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 to Friday, May 15, 2015
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