Holdover Time (HOT) Guidelines Winter 2016-2017

This document should be used in conjunction with Guidelines for Aircraft Ground-Icing Operations (TP 14052E, second edition, April 2005). The two documents complement each other and should be used together for a thorough understanding of the subject matter. AC700-040 This AC provides: (a) Supplemental holdover timetables and regression information for SAE Type II and IV fluids for use by: (i) Air operators or private operators who incorporate the holdover time guidelines as part of their Ground Icing Program (GIP). (ii) Manufacturers of Holdover Time Determination Systems (HOTDS). (iii) Developers of electronic holdover time applications (eHOT) applications. (iv) All Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) inspectors with surveillance duties and to individuals and organizations that exercise privileges granted to them under an External Ministerial Delegation of Authority. This document is also aimed at the aviation industry at large for information purposes.
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