The COSCAP North Asia Programme is a co-operative agreement between the Administrations of the People’s Republic of China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Hong Kong China, Macao China Mongolia and the Republic of Korea, executed by the International Civil Aviation Organization by means of a Trust Fund, designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of air transport operations in the North Asia region. In addition to Member annual contributions, the programme is funded through donors such as Airbus, The Boeing Company and in-kind contributions from the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Members.

The project began in February 2003 and has been extended through 2023. COSCAP-NA promotes continuing dialogue, coordination and cooperation in matters related to flight safety among the well developed and smaller participating civil aviation administrations, and focuses on creating an environment for harmonization and advancement in safety oversight policies, procedures and regulations. It also provides an efficient and cost-effective method for the training of safety oversight personnel and industry stakeholder. In addition, COSCAP-NA enables Members to be effective in promoting accident prevention through the establishment and supervision of the North Asia Regional Aviation Safety Team (NARAST).


Contact: Ms SUN Qun (Susan) Programme Secretary 

Email: sun.qun.susan@coscap-icao.org